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The Gospel of Mark

We've been working our way through the gospel of Mark Sunday nights, and tonight we've come to two intertwined stories that deal with Jesus' power to heal. Jesus has been preaching and teaching around Capernaum and he has crossed over the Sea of Galilee to the Gentile region of the Gerasenes. And now in verse 21, we're told He and His disciples have crossed back again over the...


As we continue to consider Paul’s message in this letter, we have come to chapter 1 at the twenty-first verse. Chapter 1:21-23  will be our focus this morning. In verses 15 through 20, we considered these verses when last we were together, we saw Paul probably quoting a hymn to Christ that was known amongst the churches with which Paul was associated in order to turn the diamond...

The Gospel of Mark

This is a passage that is honestly quite hard for us to understand in our relatively clean, relatively healthy, relatively affluent time and place. We have no sense of the horror that an infectious skin disease like leprosy evoked in the days when Jesus ministered in Galilee. And so one of the great dangers, as we read this passage, is to read these six verses and to see...

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