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Affliction in Verse

We have been working through the book of Job on Sunday evenings together and you will remember that Job is sitting with his three friends in the ashes, in the ruins of his life, amidst great grief and terrible loss. And the large, central section of the book of Job that runs from chapter 3 all the way through chapter 37, is taken up with a series of...


Slaves of Righteousness Romans 6:19-23

If you have your Bibles, I’d invite you to turn with me to Romans, chapter 6. Paul has made it very clear especially from Romans, chapter 3 to 5, that our justification is by God’s grace. In other words, the forgiveness that we have, the acceptance that we have with God, is the product of God’s work, not our own...


Romans 2:25-29 The Difference Between Inward and Outward Righteousness

If you would, please take your Bibles in hand and turn with me to Romans, chapter 2, and look at verse 25. We’ll continue to work through this great letter of the apostle to the church of the Romans. Romans, chapter 1, verses through 18 through 32. The apostle had made it clear that the Gentiles...

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