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Now, this morning, beginning in verse 12, we’re going to see him engage more directly with their mistake. And as we read verses 12 through 34 together, I want you to be on the lookout for three themes. Three themes to see here. First, in verses 12 through 19, the pitiable consequences of a dead Christ. If there’s no resurrection, well then, so what? What difference does it...

Please turn with me in your copies of God’s Word to Psalm 22, the twenty-second Psalm, page 457 in the church Bibles.  Once you have your copies of the Scriptures open would you bow your heads with me as we pray together?

Our Father, we want to see more of Christ today.  He lives and reigns, having bled and died for sinners like us. ...

It’s always a pleasure to open God’s Word; it’s always a pleasure to open God’s Word at times of the year like this.  Every Lord’s Day is the first day of the week.  Every Lord’s Day we gather to worship we celebrate the resurrection and we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection in particular, and yet the calendar drives us to some degree.  We pay particular attention to the Lord’s resurrection...

Well let me congratulate you, those who have resisted the evils of Downton Abbey, and have come to evening worship which is far, far better than a terrible British export.  I’d love you to turn if you would to 1 Corinthians 15; it’s on page 961.  And while you’re turning there, let me say thank you very much.  You are a warm congregation and it has been...

Well thank you.  It is a real joy and a privilege to be with you this morning.  I bring the greetings of the church I serve in west London, IPC Ealing, and we are very grateful to this congregation.  Last year your missions committee gave a very generous gift which has enabled us to employ apprentices, employ apprentices, and we’re so grateful for that.  And I want to...

Radio Series: Hymns of the Faith

Hymns of the Faith

“Christ the Lord Is Risen Today”

A Presentation of First Presbyterian Church

Jackson, Mississippi


Dr. Ligon Duncan, Dr. Derek Thomas, Dr. Bill Wymond

Dr. Wymond: Good morning! This is “Hymns of Faith,” brought to you by Jackson's First Presbyterian Church. The minister of the First Presbyterian Church is Dr. Ligon Duncan. Stay tuned for “Hymns of the Faith.” Here with “Hymns of Faith”...

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