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My wife, Wendy, recently pointed me to an interview done several years ago with now the late American author, Pat Conroy. In this interview, he was telling the story of one of the times when one of his books had become a best-selling book. It had sold over 5 million copies and Hollywood came to him and said, “We’d like to make a movie out of your book.”...

Thank you very much, David. I always feel so much love and gratitude to be back in this wonderful congregation. My wife and I and five children spent some of our best years here and we brought up the children in worship here three times a week and then at Presbyterian Day School and what a benefit and a blessing it has been in their lives...


The Lord's Day Morning

July 11, 2010

Communion Sunday

Luke 11:37-54

“A Very Awkward Dinner Conversation”

Dr. J. Ligon Duncan III

As we continue to prepare for worship today, as you will have already noticed, we will be worshipping in word and sacrament as we come to the Lord's Table. The Lord's Table is for all those who trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, who have professed Him...


The Lord's Day Evening

January 15, 2006
Mark 14:1-11
“How Do I Tell Jesus I Love Him?”
Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas

Please be seated. Now, How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds, that's about as perfect a hymn, I think, as has ever been written; and I have made it known in the past, I think, that I want it sung at my funeral. So if...

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