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Our Scripture reading this evening is Luke chapter 14 verses 12 through 24. It’s on page 874 in your pew Bible if you’d like to use that. Luke chapter 14. Let’s go to the Lord in prayer.

Holy Spirit, we come to You this evening because we desperately need You. We stand at a crossroads with a divine transaction before us. You...

Now if you would please take a copy of the holy Scriptures in your hands and turn with me to Matthew’s gospel, chapter 10.  Matthew chapter 10, page 814 in the church Bibles.  The words of our theme for our stewardship season you will find in the second half of verse 8.  In our translation is reads, “You received without paying; give without pay.”  In the New International...

To the End of the Earth

The Lord's Day Evening

January 7, 2007

Acts 11:19-30

To The End of the Earth Call Them ‘Christians!’

Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas

Now turn with me to The Acts of the Apostles. We’re now in chapter 11. As it so happens in the providence of God, this passage is a bridging passage between what has gone before and, in many ways, what is about to...

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