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The term "Facility" shall mean buildings and rooms but will not include parking lots.

The facilities of First Presbyterian Church will be restricted for exclusive use by the Ministries and Individual Members of the church and may be extended to such organizations and ministries that are affiliated with the Church as indicated by being approved for financial support and by sharing common purpose in promoting and building...

When A Loved One Passes Away - A Helpful Check List

  • Contact the Minister of Pastoral Care at (601) 353-8316.
  • The Minister of Pastoral Care will assist in scheduling a funeral, the family visitation (should that be at the church) and a visit with the minister conducting the funeral.
  • The Church Staff will arrange for an organist, ushers, and service bulletins.
  • The...

On a motion made and adopted October 10, 2005, the Session approved the following recommendation from the Worship Committee:

Our purpose in assembling together as the people of God in congregational worship is to give to the Lord the glory due His name and enjoy the blessing of His promised special presence with His people.

Still photography or videotaping by anyone (except the First Presbyterian Church...

Congratulations upon your desire to have a Christian wedding in the church! The Session would like to express the hope that God will guide, bless and enrich you with every spiritual blessing.

Christian Wedding Ceremony. The full text of the First Presbyterian Church Wedding Application is contained in a pdf document that is available for download. First Presbyterian Church Wedding Guidelines


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