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The Lord's Day Evening

January 29, 2012

“When God Gives Up”

Romans 8:28-39

The Reverend Dr. Ed Hartman

It is a pleasure again to be before you this evening to explore the depths of...


Joshua 11 & 12 When God is like a Wild Animal

I said last week that you cannot make sense of Joshua apart from the cross of Jesus Christ. In particular, the battles, the warfare, the bloodshed, the (at times) "scorched earth" policy where no survivors, "nothing that breathed" (11:11) survived–these things that we have read about in our Bibles tonight are deeply disturbing. If they are not...


Joshua 9 When God Makes Up for Our Stupidity

The people of God can do the most stupid things. There is a story of a man from Utah who married a woman after courting her in an AOL chatroom for six months. He proposed and she accepted. They met briefly, twice. The wedding took place in April 1996. Present at the ceremony in the Ritz Carlton Hotel were...


Asaph, the Jerusalem choir-director, found himself in a similar position to Job. Wickedness was rewarded and godliness punished; or, so it seemed to Asaph. Life did not make a great deal of sense. "When I tried to understand all this, it was oppressive to me," (Psa 73:16) he confessed. Trying to make sense of God’s ways in this world gave him a headache!

Job is aching...

I want to offer you a challenge. That is, to put your bulletin in your Bible when you go home, and come back to this chapter. I’d encourage you to read this chapter and camp in it for a while as I have been camping in it because it’s profound. What God promises and what He warns will be the bookends of your Christian experience. I’ll come back...


Joshua 22 When Good Intentions are Misunderstood

One Friday, in February 1674, a certain farmer's daughter, Anne Beaumont, wanted to go to a nearby town, Gamlingay to hear John Bunyan preach. Apparently, Anne had been offered a ride by someone who failed to arrive. It would have been impossible for her to walk because of the weather and some local flooding.

Just then Bunyan himself arrives, passing through...

Gospel Pattern: Old Testament Stories & The Grace of God

Good evening everyone. It’s really great to be with you. And I’d like to invite you to turn with me in your Bibles to Genesis 28. Genesis 28. As we’re going to read from verses 10 through to verses 22. It’s a very well-known passage of Scripture. And of course it’s part of the summer series: Great Old Testament Stories and the Gospel of Grace. And it’s a...

Men and Women After God's Own Heart: The Fellowship of the Ring

Judges 13 When Husbands are so, well — Chauvinist!

Now just recently someone just said to me, “I have nothing against women. I think every man should own one.” I won't tell you who he was, but he was only kidding, I think.

Why are men so chauvinistic? Here in this chapter we have a beautiful illustration of it. I was going to call this sermon, Mrs. Manoah,...

Psalms Book 2

I'd invite you to turn with me to the Psalms, to the seventy-first Psalm, which is the penultimate psalm in the Second Book of the Psalms. This is a Psalm for old age. Now, don't take offense! I'm not setting an exact date on when old age is. It's looking older and older to me, as I grow older myself. This is a psalm of old age. This...

The Lord's Day Evening

April 14, 2013

“When Jesus Waits” John 11:1-57

The Reverend Mr. William E. Dempsey

Father, how we thank You for Your Word. It is rich, it is true, it is sweetness to our souls. Now Father, let us lay aside everything else. We have nothing better to do than sit at Your feet and hear from You and learn of You. We would ask...