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God Remembers

Do please turn with me in your copies of the Holy Scriptures to the book of Exodus, chapter 3, page 46 if you’re using one of our church Bibles.  Exodus chapter 3.  When you have your Scriptures open before you, would you bow your heads with me as we pray?  Let’s pray together.

Lord, You came and confronted Moses on the mountain long ago...

Scandalous Grace: Jesus' Meals with Sinners

Well after a week break from the Mission Conference we’re picking up The Scandalous Grace series as David has already told you this evening.  Last time we were here together for this meeting Ralph Kelley looked at the meal that Jesus shared with Zacchaeus, who was a short, despised tax-collector, a notorious sinner, and we saw the grace of God in that narrative.  Tonight we’re going to look...


Exodus 29:1-46 Preparations for Priests

We have been looking at this section of Exodus that runs from Exodus 24 through 40, with one interruption in 32, 33, and 34. This whole passage has to do with the right worship of God. Now you maybe wondering about that interruption, we’ll get there early next year God willing. And that interruption is about wrong worship. So the...

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