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How to Live in the Last Days

As you’re being seated, please turn with me in your Bibles to Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians. We’ll be studying chapter 4, verses 1 through 8, of 1 Thessalonians this evening, and that’s found on page 987 if you’re using a pew Bible. Before we read this together, let’s pray and ask the Lord’s blessing.

Our great God, Father, Son, and...



Beginning last Sunday evening and running over the course of five Sundays as Gary said earlier, we are looking at some of the big barriers to faith in Jesus Christ in our culture and our context. Last time we thought about money and this week we’re going to think about sex and sexuality. And you’ll understand that actually I picked these five subjects mainly as an insurance policy....

Genesis: The Foundations of the Faith

If you have your Bibles I'd invite you to turn with me to Genesis, chapter 2. We have, for the last few weeks, been looking at the creation ordinances as they are recorded in chapters 1 and 2. We have outlined those ordinances in four parts. We've said that there are many legitimate ways to number the creation ordinances. Sometimes you hear three names. John Murray finds seven...

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