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The Gospel of Mark

We are continuing to work through Mark’s gospel; we are at the eighteenth verse. This is now the third, fourth, of five episodes that Mark recounts together like this to explain the escalating friction, conflict, between Jesus and the religious establishment of His day – the scribes and the Pharisees. Back in chapter 2:1-12, Jesus has healed a paralyzed man and in the course of His engagement with...

If you would now please take your Bible and turn to Matthew chapter 9. It’s page 814 on your pew Bible. Tonight we’re going to read together verses 14 through 26 but we’re going to spend our time looking at verses 14 through 17. And let me remind you we’re actually picking up right where Pastor Billy Dempsey finished up last week. If you recall last week, he...


In the racks in the pews in front of you, you will see copies of the Bible. If you would pick one up and turn with me to page 837; page 837, halfway down the right-hand column you will see a paragraph of Mark chapter 2 beginning there at verse 13, and we’re going to read from there to the end of the chapter. Before we do that...


The Lord's Day Morning

May 24, 2009

Luke 5:27-39

“He Came for Sinners”

Dr. J. Ligon Duncan III

Amen. If you have your Bible, I'd invite you to turn with me to Luke 5:27-39, as we continue our way through the Gospel of Luke. The story that we're going to read this morning is all of a piece. It presses to one great point, but I want you...


The Lord's Day Evening

June 15, 2008

Ezra 8:21-36

“Road Trip to Jerusalem”

Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas

Now turn with me if you would to the book of Ezra…the book of Ezra once again. We come tonight to chapter eight, and we will pick up the reading at verse 21. We’ll be reading through to the end...

To the End of the Earth

The Lord's Day Evening

January 28, 2007

Acts 13:1-12

To the End of the Earth

Catching the Vision for Missions

Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas

Now turn with me to The Acts of the Apostles, and we begin now at what is going to be the theme of the rest of The Acts of the Apostles: the missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul.

We are moving away now...


May all our hearts be drawn to God as we meditate on that vision of the glory of the new heavens and the new earth. If you have your Bibles, I would invite you to turn with me to Matthew chapter 6. We have been studying in the Sermon on the Mount and in the last few weeks, have been particularly noting Jesus’ contrast between true religion and...

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