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The Gospel for the Rest of Us

Do you want to age well? That is a silly question. Everybody in here does. And I was reading a study recently. The most comprehensive, longitudinal study ever conducted by Harvard. It’s called the Grant Study. And they followed the lives of this remarkable class from Harvard in the ‘30s – like John F. Kennedy was part of this class. They followed these men’s lives for over seventy...

God Reigns

Well, this morning we are beginning another major section in the book of Exodus in which God gives instructions for the building of the tabernacle and its various furnishings and equipment. And as we’ll see as we begin to work our way through this material today and in the coming weeks, God gets specific; quite specific. There are detailed directions on scale and proportion on the materials to...

How to Live in the Last Days

As you’re being seated, please turn with me in your Bibles to Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians, 1 Thessalonians. You’ll find it on page 986 if you’re using a pew Bible. Again, Happy New Year to you! In the next couple of months we’ll be preaching through this entire book of 1 Thessalonians. Tonight we will study chapter 1 together and the title of this...

New Community

Now if you would please take your copy of God’s Word in your hands and turn with me to Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, chapter 6. If you’re using one of our church Bibles, you’ll find that on page 979. Before we read together, let’s bow our heads as we pray. Let’s pray.

Our Father, like those Greeks who came to Jesus’ disciples saying,...

To the End of the Earth

Wednesday Evening

September 13, 2006

"Stephen's Sermon" Part 2

Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas

Turn with me now, if you would, to Acts 7 once again. We were looking at this chapter a week ago. It's a long chapter.

We saw last week how Stephen, this godly man, this man who is described for us by Luke as "full of the Holy Spirit", one of the seven chosen...

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