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In the opening verses of this portion of the chapter, Paul is wrestling with the way in which the world receives, or rather rejects, does not receive the wisdom of God but regards it as foolishness. And I was reminded of a story, probably apocryphal, about the way in which our presuppositions often color our conclusions. It’s a story that has resonated deeply with me for reasons that...

1 Timothy

The Lord's Day Morning

September 12, 2004

I Timothy 4:9-10

“Savior of The World”

Dr. J. Ligon Duncan III

Turn with me to I Timothy, chapter four. We've been working our way through these so-called “pastoral letters,” these three small letters to two faithful pastors, Timothy and Titus, and to their congregations in Asia Minor. Some Jewish Christians, some Gentile Christians are part of these little folds of...

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