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The Word Became Flesh

Now if you would please take a copy of the Scriptures in your hands and turn with me to the Gospel according to John, chapter 1.  John chapter 1; page 886 in the church Bibles.  Christmas for very many of us is a season of brightness and relief - tinsel and Christmas decorations and lights on a tree in the midst of the gathering gloom of winter.  But...

Pslam 119 Not By Bread Alone

If you have your Bibles, I would invite you to turn with me to Psalm 119, verses 153 to 160.  And you note, in the very opening words of this portion of Psalm 119 that the psalmist again is dealing with his own affliction and is crying out to God.  How often we encounter this theme in the psalms.  And so we should not be discouraged when we...

175 and Counting

The Lord's Day Morning

March 11, 2012

“175 and Counting: The Bible Tells Me So”

2 Timothy 3:16-17

The Reverend Dr. J. Ligon Duncan III

If you have your Bibles, I'd invite you to...

2 Timothy

The Lord's Day Morning

May 22, 2005

II Timothy 3:16-17

“The Bible Tells Me So”

Dr. J. Ligon Duncan III

Amen. If you have your Bibles, I'd invite you to turn with me to II Timothy, chapter three. Last Lord's Day, those of you who are here at the 8:30 service got one point of a three-point sermon, and we're going to continue in that same passage today....

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