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There were those, you may remember, at Corinth who had begun to teach that actually there is no such thing as a resurrection. For them, the very idea of resurrection was, we might say, one giant April Fools. Paul quotes them in verse 12. You can see it if you look in verse 12. Here’s their perspective. “Some of you are saying, ‘There is no resurrection from the...

To the End of the Earth

Wednesday Evening

November 8, 2006

Acts 9:32-43

To the Ends of the Earth The Dead Shall Rise

Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas

As you’re turning to Acts 9 — and if you don't have your Bibles with you, the text is printed on the bulletin for this evening. Now before we read Acts 9 together, let's pray.

Father, again we bow our heads and hearts and spirits in...

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