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If you would turn with me in your Bibles to 2 Chronicles chapter 16 found on pages 369 and 370 of your pew Bibles. A few weeks ago we looked at 2 Chronicles 14 and we considered those memorable words of King Asa, “We rest on thee and in thy name we go against this multitude.” The early years of Asa’s reign were positive. Actually, the overall picture...

Genesis: The Foundations of the Faith

The Call of God

The Promises of God (The Life of Abraham)

Part I

Genesis 12:1-9

The Promises of God (The Life of Abraham) — 1. The Call of Go

If you would look with me at God's word in Genesis, chapter 12. We’re going to attend tonight to verses 1 through 9. We, of course, are beginning the life of Abraham at this juncture. We have seen the preface to this great book set forth in the...

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