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Affliction in Verse

This evening, and again God willing next week, we are returning for two weekends only to the book of Job. We still have a couple of chapters outstanding that we haven’t yet properly addressed and so we’re tying up the loose ends, we’re completing the story, importantly because if we left it where we left it we would have left Job in his misery and without the resolution...

This psalm has two main parts, two main halves to it. Verses 1 through 5 is about forgiveness. And in the second part, verses 6 through 11, is about God’s protection and direction. I remember studying this psalm in seminary. It was one I did an exegesis paper on. I had to study the Hebrew, the original language, and this long paper about this psalm. And in it...

Behold, A Throne

When I was in art school I had a friend whose specialty was tapestry and her studio was almost completely filled with an enormous loom on which she wove intricate works of art from loose threads. Now the way to really appreciate a tapestry-like that is not to pick one thread and then begin to unravel it until you see how it intersects with every other thread in...

Please turn with me in your Bibles to Psalm 51. We have been looking at different psalms this month. This morning we come to Psalm 51. It’s on page 474 in the church Bible in front of you. And just before we jump in and read, something to consider. I love old sports movies and a movie that I grew up watching, really on repeat with...

Better: A Study of the Christian Life in Hebrews

The Lord's Day Morning

March 24, 2013


“Mercy and Grace in Time of Need”

Hebrews 4:14-16

The Reverend Dr. J. Ligon Duncan III

If you have your Bibles, I'd invite you to turn with me to Hebrews chapter 4. We’re beginning a new section of this book today which speaks of Jesus as a better priest. And in chapters 4, 5, 6, and 7 we’ll see that...


The Lord's Day Morning

June 6, 2010

Luke 11:1-4

“How to Pray (4): Forgive Us”

Dr. J. Ligon Duncan III

O give thanks unto the Lord for He is good. His steadfast love endures forever. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so. Let us worship God.

Thank you, Derek. As we continue to prepare to worship let me invite you to take your hymnals in hand and...

Psalms Book 2

Psalm 69 is a great Psalm. What hymn comes to mind that you would sing when you are experiencing reproach and shame and discouragement? I can think of a few but not many that speak as frankly as this Psalm speaks. When you’re searching for the words to say, when you feel like you’re drowning and you can't feel the bottom and you can't come up for air...

1 John

If you have your Bibles, I'd invite you to turn with me to 1 John 1. We’ll begin looking at the eighth verse today. For a couple of weeks now, we've been looking at the book of 1 John as part of a series on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John; and we've already said that 1 John is a book which deals with...


Joshua 22 When Good Intentions are Misunderstood

One Friday, in February 1674, a certain farmer's daughter, Anne Beaumont, wanted to go to a nearby town, Gamlingay to hear John Bunyan preach. Apparently, Anne had been offered a ride by someone who failed to arrive. It would have been impossible for her to walk because of the weather and some local flooding.

Just then Bunyan himself arrives, passing through...

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