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So as I say, Paul wants to deal with the sin of pride. That has been his theme, in one way or another, hasn’t it, since the second half of chapter 1. It really has dominated this whole opening section of 1 Corinthians. You can see it clearly enough in the passage before us this morning if you look at the end of verse 6. He says he...

The Gospel for the Rest of Us

As you’re taking a seat, if you would take your Bibles and turn with me to the book of James. We’re finishing up chapter 3, tonight in our study in this wonderful New Testament book. James 3, and we’ll be looking at verses 13 to 18. You’ll find that on page 1012 if you’re using a pew Bible. And if you’re a visitor, great to have you...

1 John

We come now in our study of the epistle of 1 John to chapter 2, and we’ll be looking at verses 15 through 17. Let's come to the Lord together in prayer before we look at this passage.

Lord, we find ourselves on our knees, a needy people. We find ourselves disappointed. We find ourselves hurting. We find ourselves full of experiences of joy. We find...

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