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New Community

Please take a copy of God’s Word in your hands and turn with me to Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, chapter 6. Ephesians chapter 6. If you have one of our church Bibles, you’ll find that on page 979. Once you have the Scriptures opened before you, let’s bow our heads as we pray.

O Lord, Your Word is a light to our path...

God Remembers

Now would you please take your copies of God’s Word in your hands and turn with me to the book of Exodus, chapter 1.  You’ll find that on page 44 in the church Bibles.  Before we read, a word of preface.  We’re beginning a new series in Exodus, a foundational book if we’re to understand the history of God’s dealings with His people.  It is of course more...


Exodus 14: 15-31 The Lord Overthrows the Egyptians

If you have your Bibles I'd invite you to turn with me to Exodus 14. We’re in the middle of this chapter. Two weeks ago we began the journey out of Egypt with Israel. It's an exciting story and we've already seen a couple of turns. It begins in Exodus 13 in verse 17 down to verse...


Exodus 14: 1-14 Saved to Worship

If you have your Bibles, I'd invite you to turn with me to Exodus chapter 14. Last week we did indeed begin our journey out of Egypt with Israel. It is an exciting story, and I hope to continue to bring to mind some things that you have missed in the past, though this story is very familiar to...

Genesis: The Foundations of the Faith

The Laughter of Unbelief

The Promises of God (The Life of Abraham)

Part IX

Genesis 17:15-27

The Laughter of Unbelief

Two weeks ago we began our studies in the chapter of Genesis 17. Abram, this man whose name meant exalted father, had spent 86 years of life not being a father at all, and then finally had had a child through his wife's maid servant, a concubine, named Hagar. And over that 13-year period, the idea had grown...

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