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The Righteousness of God for Salvation Romans 8:1-4

If you have your Bibles, I'd invite you to turn with me to Romans, chapter 8. We plunge into a new section of this great book. Romans 6, 7 and 8 we've already said are part of a portion of this book in which Paul is emphasizing how grace reigns in righteousness. It's not that justification isn't...

Genesis: The Foundations of the Faith

The Laughter of Unbelief

The Promises of God (The Life of Abraham)

Part IX

Genesis 17:15-27

The Laughter of Unbelief

Two weeks ago we began our studies in the chapter of Genesis 17. Abram, this man whose name meant exalted father, had spent 86 years of life not being a father at all, and then finally had had a child through his wife's maid servant, a concubine, named Hagar. And over that 13-year period, the idea had grown...


If you have your Bibles with you, I invite you to turn with me to Matthew chapter eleven.  As we continue our study in Matthew's gospel, we've completed a survey of Matthew chapter ten in which the Lord Jesus commissioned His disciples before they went out on their first missionary journey into towns of Judea.  And we might expect Matthew to tell us a little about what happened on that first journey, but...

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