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New Community

Now if you would, take a copy of the Bible in your hands and turn to the New Testament Scriptures to Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, chapter 3; page 977. Before we pray and read, let me say by way of preface that I find it enormously encouraging to notice that Ephesians chapter 3 begins with an interruption. Verse 1 - “For this reason, I, Paul, a prisoner...

Colossians: The Preeminence of Christ

Please turn with me in your Bibles to Colossians chapter 1.  Colossians chapter 1 beginning in verse 24.  We are in the midst of a series on Paul’s letter to the Colossian church and the title of this series is “The Preeminence of Christ.”  This is our Fall, midweek series, and this is a letter written by the apostle Paul to encourage a relatively young church that was...

To the End of the Earth

The Lord's Day Evening

June 10, 2007

Acts 20:13-38

A Solemn Charge

Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas

Now to Acts 20. The week before we were at the beginning of this great monumental chapter, the twentieth chapter of Acts, where Paul is now going to address once again the Ephesian elders at a place called Miletus. We’re going to pick up the reading at the thirteenth verse and...

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