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Sermons on Apostasy

A Faith Worth Fighting For

Now let me invite you if you would please to take a copy of God’s Word in your hands and turn with me to the book of Jude. If you’re not familiar with the book of Jude, turn to the very last book in the Bible, the book of Revelation, then turn back one book and you’re right there; the book of Jude. Page 1027 in our church...


The Lord's Day Evening

January 22, 2006
Mark 14:12-21
“Selling Your Soul to Satan”
Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas

Please be seated. Now let's give our attention to the reading of the Scriptures, the word of God in the Gospel of Mark; and we've come this evening to the fourteenth chapter, where we're going to pick it up at verse 12 of Mark 14; and before we read...


Mark 3:20-30 The Unforgivable Sin

Dr. Derek Thomas

Now turn with me in your Bibles to the gospel of Mark, to chapter 3, and we come this evening to the section that begins at verse 20, Mark 3:20. Before we read the passage together, let's pray.

Lord, we come again to still our hearts in Your presence. We thank You for Your word that holy men of old...

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