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Sermons from 175 Anniversay Celebration

Please take your copy of God’s Word and turn with me to Psalm 48.  Psalm 48.  As you are turning, I just want to say it’s a great privilege to be with you, a great privilege to come and talk a little bit about Blessed Zion and explain why I titled the history of First Pres. Blessed Zion.  I hope what we’ll find as we come to God’s...

The Lord's Day Evening

April 29, 2012

“God's Word Proclaimed: The Beauty of Zion”

Isaiah 2:2-5

The Reverend Mr. Joshua M. Rieger

We’re going to come to Isaiah 2. Over the course of the last month we've been celebrating our 175th anniversary as a church and as we come to the close of this month, we're certainly still going to be looking in the coming weeks at...

The Lord's Day Morning

April 29, 2012

“The Stones Cry Out: Sir, We Would See Jesus”

John 12:20-26

The Reverend Mr. Claude E. McRoberts III

Please turn in your Bibles to the gospel of John, chapter 12. You’ll find this on page 899 in the pew Bible so you are without excuse. If you don't have your own copy, then if you would, please reach for one in...

Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting

April 25, 2012

“The Shape of Pastoral Ministry at First Presbyterian Church”

The Reverend Dr. Sean Lucas

Well good evening. It's a great pleasure once again to be with you all. I was going to mention once again some of those connections between Dr. Hutton and William McIntosh who was the long-serving pastor at First Pres. Hattiesburg. We actually are celebrating our 130th...


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Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting

April 18, 2012

A Major Point From A Minor Prophet

The Reverend Dr. John Blanchard

I've had the privilege over the years of preaching in considerably over five hundred churches on this side of the pond but there is none which I hold in greater esteem or to which I count it a greater privilege to return than here at First Presbyterian in Jackson,...

The Lord's Day Evening

April 15, 2012

“A Faithful Partner in the Gospel”

Philippians 1:3-6

The Reverend Mr. Michael A. Campbell

Good evening everyone. It is so good to be here tonight and to have the privilege of opening God's Word with you. It's always a special honor and privilege for me to preach in this pulpit, and tonight...

The Lord's Day Evening

April 8, 2012

“Looking Forward, Looking Upward”

Luke 24

The Reverend Dr. James M. Baird

(Dr. Duncan) It's our joy tonight to hear the Word of God from the former shepherd of this congregation, the senior minister, James M. Baird, one of the founding fathers of our denomination, beloved to us. Thank you, Jim, for being with us on this anniversary Sunday.

(Dr. Baird)...

Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting

April 4, 2012

The Reverend Mr. Sean Lucas

I've titled this talk, “Blessed Zion — Lessons from the History of First Pres. Jackson,” and that's because the story of First Pres. Jackson is one of God's grace, preserving and growing a congregation in a small frontier town, which is what Jackson was in the 1830's, into one of the leading churches of evangelical Presbyterianism....

The Lord's Day Evening

April 1, 2012

“Remembering All the Way”

Deuteronomy 8:2; 2 Timothy 1:1-12

The Reverend Mr. Brister H. Ware

Could we pray?

Lord, we thank Thee for a hundred and seventy-five years, this church. So many other churches, Lord, go on; they’re closed. We thank Thee, Father, for strengthening this church. And we give Thee praise and glory and pray that we might honor Thee...

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