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Sermon on Dec 1

Revelation 1:1-8

Well we’re going to look at Christmas from that same perspective over the next few weeks. To view Christmas, to view Christ’s birth not as it was promised in the Old Testament, not from the shadow of the cross as the Gospel writers present it to us, but from the spotlight, the spotlight of Christ’s return and what that means for the Christmas message. What that means is...

Advent 2019

Sermon on Dec 1

Philippians 2:5

And to guide our thinking, we’ll be working our way line by line through Philippians 2:5-11. It’s a famous passage, sometimes known as the “Carmen Christi,” the “hymn to Christ.” It was probably sung or used in some way in the apostolic churches, and Paul is quoting it here in the context of his letter to the Philippians as an apt summary of the message about Jesus’ person and...


Sermon on Nov 24

Leviticus 7:11-15

This morning we’re turning to Leviticus chapter 7. Leviticus is unfamiliar territory for many of us. We are thousands of years away from these regulations. We’re not accustomed to grain and animal sacrifices and the cultural differences between this culture and our culture may seem like more than thousands of years. But my hope is from this passage as we think about the thanksgiving sacrifices that it would give...

Sermon on Nov 24

Luke 18:9-14

Please turn with me in your Bible to Luke chapter 18; Luke chapter 18. Tonight we are concluding a Sunday night mini-series looking at the parables of Jesus. Tonight we will be in Luke chapter 18, verses 9 to 14. And so the question for us tonight is this. “Who gets to be in the kingdom of heaven?” 

Sermon on Nov 17

Matthew 25:14-30

Let me invite you to take up God’s Word and to turn with me to the gospel of Matthew this evening as we read from Matthew 25:14-30. In our evening services, many of you will remember, over the last few weeks we’ve been studying a number of the parables. And the one we’re going to be looking at this evening is a parable that encourages us to faithfully...

Elect Exiles

Sermon on Nov 17

1 Peter 3:1-7

We have been working through 1 Peter together as a church on Sunday mornings and we come to one of those passages that preachers often dread, and you’ll see why in due course. Peter is engaged in a practical section of the letter. He began by outlining for us the main contours of the Christian Gospel and now he is applying those truths to a number of practical...

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Sermon on Nov 10

1 Peter 2:18-25

And I want us to think through Peter’s answer under three headings. He essentially says three things about how to live for Christ in difficult circumstances. He says first we need to learn to live under the gaze of God. We need to learn to live coram Deo, “before the face of God,” to live for His smile and His blessing and not the approval or good opinion...

Sermon on Nov 10

Isaiah 42

And I wish we had the time this passage really deserves to dwell on those details, but we simply don’t. All we can really do is pick out a few of the prominent details and meditate on them. Let me mention three for your consideration this evening. First, I want you to see that the Father delights in His servant. The Father delights in His servant. Secondly, the...

Sermon on Nov 3

Numbers 14:24

Well tonight I want to address a subject with you of following God fully. Following God fully. I want to look at the meaning of it - by grace, what it means that Caleb followed God fully. Second, I want to look at the root of it - in grace, why Caleb could follow God fully. And third, I want to look at its reward - a reward...


Sermon on Oct 27

Luke 12:35-48

Luke 12:35-48 really is not just one parable; it’s three mini-parables. And there’s one unifying theme. Each one of these mini-parables points to the certainty of the return of Christ. And that should give us pause because scholars, as they talk about these three parables, say that these are among the weightiest parables in the New Testament. They deal with the dominant New Testament doctrine repeated more often...

Elect Exiles

Sermon on Oct 20

1 Peter 2:13-17

Through verse 12 of chapter 2, we’ve seen Peter give us, you might say, general theological and practical principles. And now, beginning in our passage this morning, he’s going to press some of those principles into the particular areas and contexts of our Christian lives. He will speak, for example, as we’ll see in a few weeks’ time, about slaves and masters, husbands and wives. Here, in verses...

Sermon on Oct 20

Luke 11:5-13

What does Jesus give us here that might actually change us, that might wake us up and motivate us to pray? Well He gives us in verses 5 to 13 these two brief parables and they focus on the identity and the character of the One hearing our prayers. First in verses 5 to 10, to motivate you to pray you have to see that God is your...

Sermon on Oct 13

2 Kings 5:1-14

We have a really great story from the Old Testament this morning and 2 Kings chapter 5. It’s one of the great stories of the whole Old Testament, I think, and it’s happened around 850 BC and it’s about a Syrian general named Naaman who goes to look for the prophet of Israel, Elisha, in order to be healed. And at the center of it really is what...

Sermon on Oct 13

Matthew 13:51-53

And we’re looking at another one of Jesus’ parables tonight. This is not a dramatic parable. There’s no joyful embrace at the reunion of a father and his wayward son. There’s no beaten and bloody traveler left for dead on the side of the road waiting to be rescued by a stranger, an enemy even. No, it’s just a man, a master of a house, and he brings...

Elect Exiles

Sermon on Oct 6

1 Peter 2:11-12

Look at verses 11 and 12 with me just a moment before we begin and notice the central concern of the apostle Peter in these two verses. He wants to promote the practice of Christian holiness. That’s his burden in verses 11 and 12. He tells us first negatively, verse 11, “abstain from the passions of the flesh.” And then positively in verse 12, he wants our conduct...

Sermon on Oct 6

Matthew 13:33-35, 44-46

We’re starting a new series at nighttime in October looking at some of the parables in the gospels, and we’ll look tonight at Matthew 13:44-46. Parables are simple stories that Jesus was taking daily life experiences that people had all the time in the first century and telling a very simple story but teaching a cosmic lesson from a normal life happenstance that people would have experienced all...


Elect Exiles

Sermon on Sep 29

1 Peter 2:4-10

First of all, the passage before us is going to call us to come to Jesus. Come to Jesus. Secondly, come to Jesus by faith. Third, come to Jesus continually. Fourth, come to Jesus corporately; come to Him together. Fifth, come to Jesus to be like Him. Sixth, come to Jesus to praise Him. Seventhly, we are to come to Jesus to proclaim Him. And then eighthly, come...

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