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The Gospel for the Rest of Us

Sermon on Dec 31, 2016

James 2:20-26

One of the great actors of the last generation that many of you will know is Robert Redford. He was one of those heart-throbs. Everybody loved him. And when he was at the peak of his success, he was noticed by a woman in a hotel lobby – and he was one of those guys who was voted “Best Looking Man Alive” like twenty-six times or something like that –...

Sermon on Dec 31, 2016

John 21:1-19

Richard Sibbes was a 16th -century writer and he wrote a little book called, The Bruised Reed. And in it, he unpacks Isaiah chapter 42 verse 3, “A bruised reed he will not break.” And in that little book, Sibbes writes that “God’s children are bruised reeds, before their conversion and many times after. For usually God empties men of themselves and makes them nothing before He will use...

Prepare Him Room

Sermon on Dec 24, 2016

Micah 5:2-5

Well, I do hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas so far. I’m very glad you’re with us this Lord’s Day Morning to celebrate the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and to worship together with us. As you will know, if you have been with us in the month of December, in the weeks that have led up to Christmas we have been considering the teaching...

Prepare Him Room

Sermon on Dec 24, 2016

Isaiah 11:1-9

Probably the great symbol of Christmas is the tree. I love a good Christmas tree, don’t you? All decorated, sparkling with lights, covered in ornaments; those ornaments, many of them perhaps in your home, tell a story of some significance to your family. Well, Isaiah suggests a different Christmas symbol for us in the opening verse of chapter 11. Not a Christmas tree, but the stump of a...

Prepare Him Room

Sermon on Dec 17, 2016

Isaiah 9:1-7

I remember as a fairly new believer attending the parish church in the village on the outskirts of Glasgow where I grew up for our midnight service one Christmas Eve. It has been a cold and gloomy night as I walked down the street from my family home to the church. We spent the next happy hour singing the praise of God, singing carols by candlelight, praising Him...

The Gospel for the Rest of Us

Sermon on Dec 11, 2016

James 2:14-19

We all have those favorite Christmas movies. One of the favorites around the Fluhrer household is Elf, about the story of Buddy the Elf who comes to our world. And there’s this great scene in the movie where he’s this real elf from the North Pole and he comes across a department store Santa, which always scare kids, and this one’s no exception. And he thinks it’s the real...

Sermon on Dec 10, 2016

John 1:1

If you’ve got your Bibles, please turn to John chapter 1. That will be the passage we’re studying this morning, John 1:1. I apologize I don’t have the pew page number for you on that, but John 1:1; the fourth gospel of the New Testament. Before we hear God’s Word, let’s go to the Lord in prayer.

Father, the words that were...

The Gospel for the Rest of Us

Sermon on Dec 4, 2016

James 2:8-13

As you’re being seated, if you would take your Bibles and open up to the book of James, we’re in James chapter 2 this evening. We’ll consider our study of this wonderful New Testament book over the coming months. You’ll find our passage on page 1012 if you’re using a pew Bible. James 2:8-13. If you’re visiting, again, we’re glad you’re here. Thanks for being here...

Prepare Him Room

Sermon on Dec 3, 2016

Isaiah 7:1-17

I wonder if you’ve put up your Christmas tree yet. That was my duty yesterday. I was out in the rain choosing a tree; I got cold and wet. There were pine needles in my hair and resin on my elbows. And then there was the sanctifying business of wrestling the thing through the front door into the stand without denuding the tree of every needle that it...


Prepare Him Room

Sermon on Nov 27, 2016

Genesis 3:1-24

Believe it or not, this morning is the first Sunday in Advent. It comes, it seems every year a little faster. Don’t you think? The Christmas season and all the sentimentality and the fun and the gifts and the Christmas present buying and all the trappings that go along with it. We want to try to make the most of the cultural opportunity afforded by the...

Behold, A Throne

Sermon on Nov 27, 2016

Revelation 22

They are the kind of questions children like to ask from the back seat on long journeys, aren’t they? “Where are we going? When will we get there? Who’s going to be there?” Actually, they’re enormously important questions to get answers to, especially when it comes to matters of eternity. As I said a moment ago, the final chapter of the book of Revelation answers those three questions...

Sermon on Nov 20, 2016

Philippians 3:12-21

In 1968, at the Olympic Games in Mexico City, the final event was the marathon. There was an Ethiopian runner who had entered into the stadium. He was the first one to enter there and he finished the track and ran across the finish line and won the race. But about an hour behind him, there was a man by the name of John Stephen Akhwari of Tanzania...

Sermon on Nov 20, 2016

Matthew 22:34-40

My wife, Wendy, recently pointed me to an interview done several years ago with now the late American author, Pat Conroy. In this interview, he was telling the story of one of the times when one of his books had become a best-selling book. It had sold over 5 million copies and Hollywood came to him and said, “We’d like to make a movie out of your book.”...

Behold, A Throne

Sermon on Nov 13, 2016

Revelation 21

That was, of course, Macbeth’s despairing soliloquy, his famous commentary, on what he believed was life’s pointlessness. Tomorrow and yesterday, he says, are empty things. Life is a “tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Meaning and purpose are an illusion. For Shakespeare, Macbeth is a tragic figure, so fascinating precisely because in his context Macbeth was so extreme. His speech is as...

Behold, A Throne

If you would please take a copy of the holy Scriptures in your hands and turn with me to the last book of the Bible, to the prophecy of John, the book of Revelation. We’re going to read from verse 11 of chapter 19 through the end of chapter 20. Lots of somewhat intricate and important material here. A famous passage in the book of Revelation...

Sermon on Nov 6, 2016

Mark 10:46-52

I watched some footage recently of people from all over the world who were blind but who through various medical techniques were enabled to see again – surgery for cataracts or retinal implants or other medical techniques. In one scene, the camera focused in on the faces of children, many of whom have been blind their whole lives, on that moment when after cataract surgery the bandages were...


God Reigns

Sermon on Oct 30, 2016

Exodus 35-40

As a family, one of our favorite things to do is to visit the national parks of this great country. And before each trip, you know, we try to find out as much detail about each of the parks as we can, particularly about the wildlife in the parks. We want to, we talk about which animals we really want to see while we’re there. And every day...

Sermon on Oct 23, 2016

Luke 23:26-49

Well, tonight we’re going to try to descend down into the depths of a very profound mystery, the central mystery of the Christian faith, as we listen to the Lord Jesus pray from the cross. Actually three times – we only read two of His prayers – but three times He prays. He lifts up His voice in prayer as He hangs in agony between two criminals. Three...

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