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Sermon on Nov 6, 1949





Sermon on May 15, 1949

Psalm 51:1-13

The Lord’s Day Morning

May 15, 1949

“Being a Radiant Christian or Joy of Salvation” Psalm 51:1-13

The Reverend Dr. Girard Lowe

Sometimes, we who are Christians, loose the sense of what a great thing it is to be a Christian and then the glow, the joy, the radiance is gone from our Christian lives. This should not be...


Sermon on Apr 17, 1949

Philippians 3:7-21

Some few Sundays ago I spoke to you about the subject “How to Face Difficulties” and at that time I reminded you and myself that the time would surely come when each of us would face trials, troubles and sorrows and that unless we had power outside of ourselves that we were running a grave risk of being overcome and having our lives wrecked and ruined. I reminded...


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