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Sermons by Sean Lucas

Please take your copy of God’s Word and turn with me to Psalm 48.  Psalm 48.  As you are turning, I just want to say it’s a great privilege to be with you, a great privilege to come and talk a little bit about Blessed Zion and explain why I titled the history of First Pres. Blessed Zion.  I hope what we’ll find as we come to God’s...

Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting

April 25, 2012

“The Shape of Pastoral Ministry at First Presbyterian Church”

The Reverend Dr. Sean Lucas

Well good evening. It's a great pleasure once again to be with you all. I was going to mention once again some of those connections between Dr. Hutton and William McIntosh who was the long-serving pastor at First Pres. Hattiesburg. We actually are celebrating our 130th...

Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting

April 4, 2012

The Reverend Mr. Sean Lucas

I've titled this talk, “Blessed Zion — Lessons from the History of First Pres. Jackson,” and that's because the story of First Pres. Jackson is one of God's grace, preserving and growing a congregation in a small frontier town, which is what Jackson was in the 1830's, into one of the leading churches of evangelical Presbyterianism....

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