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Sermons by Robert Cannada

The Lord's Day Morning July 5, 2009

Deuteronomy 6 “Let the Circle Be Unbroken”

Dr. Robert C. Cannada, Jr.

Good morning. It's always good to be here and worship with you. Let me encourage you if you did not get one on your way in, to make a note that on your way out, get a copy of the latest magazine from Reformed Theological Seminary — they are...

The Lord's Day Morning

April 3, 2005

Acts 9:1-25

“God Saves Us and Uses Us to Save Others”

Dr. Robert C. Cannada, Jr.

Turn in your Bibles now to Acts, chapter nine.

And as you’re turning to Acts 9, let me thank you on behalf of all of us at Reformed Theological Seminary. This community and this church in particular birthed RTS in 1966. We started with 14...

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