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Sermons by Peter Jones

Wednesday Evening
October 20, 2004
Genesis 1
“The God of The Bible”
Dr. Peter Jones

Dr. Peter Jones is no stranger to many of you. He was supported as a missionary by this congregation for many years during his service in Aix-en-Provence, and has been back in the United States for a number of years teaching at Westminster Theological Seminary in California, and has now, when other men...

Worldviews Summer

Wednesday Evening
August 18, 2004
“Christian World View”
“The Coming of the Goddess to the Land of Our Fathers”
Dr. Peter Jones

....The coming of the goddess to the land of our fathers...the title I propose to you as I attempt to describe what I think has happened in particular in America in the last generation. I want to first of all introduce that subject with some thoughts...

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