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Sermons by Joel Beeke

Well tonight I want to address a subject with you of following God fully. Following God fully. I want to look at the meaning of it - by grace, what it means that Caleb followed God fully. Second, I want to look at the root of it - in grace, why Caleb could follow God fully. And third, I want to look at its reward - a reward...

The Reverend Mr. David Strain:  It’s my privilege to welcome to our pulpit Dr. Joel Beeke who is probably, I hope at least, well-known to many of you. He is a well-known author; his books have been an enormous source of encouragement to me. He is a well-known preacher and we are glad to have him come and open the Word of God to us tonight. Dr. Beeke.


The Lord's Day Evening

November 1, 2009

Judges 11:29-40

“Contagious Sacrificial Submission”

Dr. Joel Beeke

Well it's very good to have the opportunity to bring you God's Word again and to be with my dear friends, your pastors, Dr. Ligon Duncan and Dr. Derek Thomas. I'd like you to turn with me please to Judges 11, Judges 11. We want to read from verses 29 through 40.


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