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Resources from the series: Entering the Crucible of Unbelief

Entering the Crucible of Unbelief

And so first, what is happening here? What is the story of John chapter 20? Let’s look together at the text; a couple of things. Beginning in chapter 20, Jesus, we see this, He’s been crucified, buried. We see at the beginning of chapter 20, resurrected. We see then that He’s appeared to His disciples and His friends. And sometime in the week following Jesus’ resurrection, this conversation...

Entering the Crucible of Unbelief

A few months ago I finished a Wendell Berry novel that split me open. The book is entitled, Remembering, and in it, Berry chronicles the life of a farmer named Andy Catlett. Andy Catlett lives and farms in Port William, Kentucky with his wife and his children and his parents. And one October at daybreak, as harvest was almost over, the field was almost finished, Andy was trying to...

Entering the Crucible of Unbelief

C. S. Lewis, in his book, The Great Divorce, tells the story of a group of people who are standing between heaven and hell. And towards the end of the book, Lewis describes a man who is limping and he has a lizard on his shoulder. And the lizard’s words captivate the man, and yet they also leave him weak, chained to a life he hates. And the lizard...

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