Behold, A Throne

At a time of political instability around the world, when Christians are facing real pressure to compromise morally and theologically, and the future seems bleak, the book of Revelation speaks a word of confident hope.  Contrary to many popular approaches to the book, Revelation is not to be read with one eye on the daily news, as though it were a roadmap to our political future. Rather, it is as chapter 1, verse 1 puts it, "the revelation or the unveiling of Jesus Christ." When asked to give a single sentence summary of the theme of the book during his exams for ordination,  one candidate for the gospel ministry replied simply, "The Lamb Wins!" That's exactly right. The Book of Revelation rivets our gaze upon Jesus Christ, who reigns upon the throne of history, so that we might all learn to persevere through the fleeting and temporary trials of life with our eyes fixed on the finish line.