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Mark 1:1-8 The Beginning of the Gospel

Dr. Derek Thomas

Now this evening we begin a new series of sermons on the Gospel of Mark that should take us at least through spring and possibly into the fall of this year. We’re returning, after considering the Gospel of John last year, we're returning again to another gospel. But we've just sung those words, “I love to tell the...

One of the pleasures of being invited to preach here is you get to pick all the hymns so you’ve just sung some of my favorites and we’ll finish at the end of the service with the rich words of “Come We That Love the Lord,” an invitation to go forth with joy and to celebrate as we sing. But between here and there, there’s a calling. And...

Monday Morning Quarterback

Bob Woods tells the story of a couple who took their son, 11, and daughter, 7, to Carlsbad Caverns. When the tour reached the deepest point in the cavern, the guide turned off all the lights to show how utterly dark it was underground. The little girl, suddenly enveloped in utter darkness, was frightened and began to cry. Immediately her older brother spoke up. “Don’t cry. Somebody here...

Christmas Series

The Lord's Day Morning

December 11, 2011

“Receiving God's Greatest Gift”

Mark 1:1-4

The Reverend Mr. William E. Dempsey

Let me ask you to open your Bibles if you will to Mark chapter 1. We’ll give our attention this day to verses 1 through 4, the beginning of Mark's gospel. And before we do so, let's go to the Lord in prayer.

Father, You have made it plain...

The Gospel of Mark

According to the ancient traditions of the church, John Mark, the author of Mark’s gospel, served the church in Rome with the apostle Peter. And Mark wrote down, after Peter died, the substance of his catechesis, his teaching. And that became the first of the gospels. So when Mark wrote Mark’s gospel, he was writing something entirely novel and new. No one had ever written a gospel before...


Mark 1:9-13 A Father's Love for His Son Dr. Derek Thomas

Now turn with me once again to the Gospel of Mark, and we pick up the reading this evening in Mark 1:9, and we’ll be reading through to verse 13. Before we read the Scriptures together, let's come before God together in prayer. Let's pray.

Holy Spirit, we come and ask again that You would breathe an...

The Gospel of Mark

This morning, we turn to another part of the beginnings of Mark’s gospel as he sets the stage for the work that Jesus will perform. We’ll be thinking about His baptism and His temptation. These five verses are characteristic of the way Mark likes to write. They’re very terse and direct in the way they retell the story. If you look at Matthew’s account or Luke’s account you’ll...


Mark 1:14-28 Gone Fishing

Dr. Derek Thomas

If you have your Bible with you, and if you don't there's one in the pew just in front of you, turn with me to Mark chapter 1. And we come this evening to the verses that begin at verse 14 and all the way down to verse 28, Mark 1:14-28. Before we read the word of God together, let's come...

The Lord's Day Evening

January 17, 2010

Mark 1:14-15

“Foggy Mirror?”

The Reverend Mr. William F. Joseph III

Turn with me to Mark's gospel to the first chapter of Mark to verse 14 and verse 15. Let's pray before we read God's Word.

Father in heaven, we now have opened Your Word and we're about to read it, and then we're going to think about it. Father, we...

The Gospel of Mark

Today, however, we begin to consider Jesus’ ministry itself in a more direct fashion. And it’s fascinating, I think, I wonder if you’ll agree, that when Mark sets out to describe Jesus’ public ministry, the first thing he does is give us a summary of his preaching. Here’s why I think that’s important. As we read through Mark’s gospel and we ask the question, “Why did Jesus come...

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