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Chapter 1


Sermon on May 3

Judges 1:1-2:5

So we’re looking tonight at a half-hearted people and a whole-hearted God. And because starting a sermon series in the book of Judges is kind of like picking up The Chronicles of Narnia halfway through. It’s like starting to watch the “Star Wars” movies in the middle of the story. You start reading or you start watching and you think, “How in the world did we get here...

Now let me invite you please to turn with me in your copy of God’s Word to the book of Judges, chapter 7 - Judges chapter 7, which you will find if you are using a church Bible on page 206.  Before we read God’s Word together, would you bow your heads with me as we pray together?

Before us, O Lord, is Your holy and inerrant...

Chapter 2


Sermon on May 10

Judges 2-3:6

What we just read, commentators typically call the cycle of the Judges, and this pattern, it’s a pattern or a cycle that makes Judges really easy to outline. First, in the book of Judges there’s always peace in the land, peace in Canaan, and then the Israelites sin against God through idolatry and God judges them and gives them over to those sins and they are oppressed by...

Chapter 3


Sermon on May 17

Judges 3:7-31

There is some graphic and potentially offensive material in Judges chapter 3, but do you know what is the most offensive part of this chapter? The most offensive part of this chapter is sin. It is Israel’s turning away from God and turning to idolatry and doing evil in the sight of the Lord. All sin is repulsive, it is ugly, and it deserves God’s anger and discipline...

Chapter 4


Sermon on May 24

Judges 4:1-5:31

And tonight, we’re going to look at Judges chapters 4 and 5 and I want to do it in two acts. So first, act one, Judges 4, which gives us the narrative; it gives us what everyone could see. And then act two, we will look briefly at Judges chapter 5, which gives us the song. And it tells us that more was happening than anyone could see...

Chapter 6


Sermon on May 31

Judges 6

Well we’re carrying on in the book of Judges tonight as we’ve been marching through it all of these Sunday nights lately and we’ve come up to, as Wiley mentioned, chapter 6, which is the story of the call of Gideon. And it’s a little bit of a longer reading tonight, so I just want to dive right into the text. So I’m going to pray and then...

Chapter 11

Sermon on Nov 1, 2009

Judges 11:29-40

The Lord's Day Evening

November 1, 2009

Judges 11:29-40

“Contagious Sacrificial Submission”

Dr. Joel Beeke

Well it's very good to have the opportunity to bring you God's Word again and to be with my dear friends, your pastors, Dr. Ligon Duncan and Dr. Derek Thomas. I'd like you to turn with me please to Judges 11, Judges 11. We want to read from verses 29 through 40.


Chapter 14

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