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Chapter 40


Did you ever ask yourself, Why did God make the hippopotamus?

Strange question? Yes! Especially in the context Job was in. Imagine it! Job is dying; he has suffered incalculable loss and pain. And He is asked: "Did you ever think about the hippopotamus?" You have to admit, this is a little weird.

Actually, the creature God alludes to in chapter 40 is not...

Affliction in Verse

This evening, and again God willing next week, we are returning for two weekends only to the book of Job. We still have a couple of chapters outstanding that we haven’t yet properly addressed and so we’re tying up the loose ends, we’re completing the story, importantly because if we left it where we left it we would have left Job in his misery and without the resolution...

Chapter 42


And they all lived happily ever after…

Unexpected as it is, the Book of Job really does end this way. Gone are the days of darkness and gloom. Spring has arrived. God’s favor returns. His face shines on Job once more. Are the memories of Job’s pain erased? No! But, they are built upon so as to make the past a little less painful...

Affliction in Verse

And so now tonight, we’ve come to the last ten verses of the book where we see what follows in the wake of Job’s repentance. It’s become something of a trend, if you’ve been at the movies lately, to see an epilogue right at the end of all the credits. You know, if you manage to stay in your seat and you don’t rush off to your car...

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