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Resources on Galatians

Chapter 1

The Gospel-Centered Life

Sermon on Jun 20, 2010

Galatians 1:6-10

The Lord's Day Evening

June 20, 2010

Galatians 1:1-10

“What the Gospel Isn't

Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas

Behold, bless the Lord, all you servants of the Lord who minister by night in the house of the Lord. Lift up your hands to the sanctuary and bless the Lord. May the Lord bless you from Zion, He who fills heaven and earth.

Now turn with me if...

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Thinking and Living Biblically in a Gender-neutral Society

Biblical Manhood and Womanhood series First Presbyterian Church Jackson, MS Dr. J. Ligon Duncan

Male Authority and Female Equality in Light of Galatians 3:28

If you have Bibles, I'd invite you to turn with me to Galatians 3, because our title actually refers to this verse. This passage has been somewhat of a magna carta for those who call themselves...

Chapter 4


Sermon on Sep 17, 2003

Galatians 4:1-7

Galatians 4:1-7 God Sent His Son

Now turn with me, if you would, to Galatians chapter 4 And we are considering together the doctrine of adoption: how God takes us who are the fallen sons of Adam, sinners by nature and by choice, and He brings us into His household, into His family; constitutes us with all of the legal entitlements of the children of God; that...


Sermon on Sep 14, 2003

Galatians 4:6

Galatians 4:6 Abba — What's in a Name?

Now turn with me to Galatians chapter 4. We were here last Wednesday evening. We saw the Apostle Paul making three assertions. First of all, that there are these folks whom he describes as “under the Law”; under the Old Covenant; first of all, “under tutors and guardians,” as he describes them; a bit like being in kindergarten, but more...

Chapter 5

Sermon on Sep 8, 2019

Galatians 5:1-6

We’re continuing in our study of the three primary Christian virtues - faith, hope and love - looking at how they work together, how they are fueled, what their goal and target is, why they are critical for us. This evening I’d like us to think about the freedom that is ours in those Christian virtues. And in that freedom, how do we not abuse that freedom, how...


Sermon on Nov 5, 2003

Galatians 5:1-15

Galatians 5:1-15 The Obligations of Adoption: Liberty Not License Dr. Ligon Duncan

If you have your Bibles, I'd invite you turn with me to Galatians chapter 5, as we continue to work through the series that Derek began back in September on the doctrine of adoption.

Tonight we're going to be looking at the subject of what our adoption is to lead to in terms of living ...

Sermon on Apr 9, 2014

Galatians 5:1-25

I’d invite you to turn in your Bibles or look on your prayer sheets to Galatians chapter 5.  Louis Armstrong is widely considered to be the greatest trumpet player in the history of Jazz.  When his professional career was really taking off in the years around 1920, nobody had ever heard anybody play the trumpet like him before or he was probably playing the cornet more at that...

Chapter 6

Good morning. It is such an honor to preach at First Pres, and my standard line about you when I’m away from you, which is most of the time, is, I say, “I owe First Presbyterian a debt I can’t repay.” I really mean that. I grew up here and was loved on here and taught at the Day School and became a Christian here and was nurtured...

Sermon on Mar 5, 1989

Galatians 6:7-18

March 5, 1989

Galatians 6:7-18 The Centrality of the Cross

Dr. James M. Baird

Let us continue our worship of that God who is the true God and the God that we give our worship and love to, as we turn in His Bible to the book of Galatians, chapter 6 of the book of Galatians. I remember the time a young man invited me out for lunch....

Pilgrim's Progress

Sermon on Jul 10, 2005

Galatians 6:14

This is our fourth in our study of The Pilgrim's Progress, and we come tonight - and as it so happens in the marvelous providence of wasn't something that I had particularly planned...but tonight we come to The Cross. I'm so glad it wasn't last Sunday evening when we were looking at The Man in the Iron Cage and somber and dour as that necessarily was, tonight...

Sermon on Mar 21, 2010

Galatians 6:14

The Lord's Day Morning

March 21, 2010

Galatians 6:14

“Gazing At the Cross”

Mr. Derek W. H. Thomas

Now turn with me to Galatians chapter 6, Galatians chapter 6 and I just have one verse this morning, verse number 14 — well known verse. Before we read it together let's look to God in prayer.

Father, we are a needy people. We thank You for the provision of

Monday Morning Quarterback

"But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world." (Galatians 6:14 ESV)

“The idea that Jesus died on a cross for our sins is intellectually contemptible and morally outrageous.” This was the studied estimate of Christianity by the great Oxford University philosophy...

Sermon on Apr 28, 2019

Galatians 6:14

Would you please be seated and take your Bibles and turn with me to Galatians chapter 6. As you’re turning there, I’m going to take a moment of personal privilege; you can call it a pre-application. An application of our study this evening is going to be reflected in this card that I’m holding here. It’s in the pew racks in front of you. I have to take...

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