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Chapter 2

The Lord's Day Morning August 23, 2009

1 Kings 19; 2 Kings 2:1-14

“Elijah: Every Dream Lost. Every Dream Fulfilled.”

Dr. J. Ligon Duncan III

The Anthem: - “He that shall endure to the end.” (Elijah) …..Mendelssohn

Amen. You have no idea how true those words are or how applicable they are to the life of Elijah and to the message we are going to consider this...

Chapter 5

Sermon on Nov 12, 2014

2 Kings 5:1-19

The last time I was at First Presbyterian Jackson - I was in the sanctuary of First Presbyterian Church Jackson, Mississippi was in September of 1975!  And I promise to be back in thirty-nine and a half years for another visit!  And I know that I’m probably belaboring the obvious but this place looks a lot different.  Did something happen between 1975?  I remember it pretty well but...

Sermon on Oct 13, 2019

2 Kings 5:1-14

We have a really great story from the Old Testament this morning and 2 Kings chapter 5. It’s one of the great stories of the whole Old Testament, I think, and it’s happened around 850 BC and it’s about a Syrian general named Naaman who goes to look for the prophet of Israel, Elisha, in order to be healed. And at the center of it really is what...

Chapter 11

If you would turn with me in your Bibles to 2 Kings chapter 11; it’s found on page 317 in your pew Bibles. One of the songs we’ve sung over the last few days and weeks, “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” you know the first line, “O little town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie.” That couldn’t be true, could it? We know what...

Chapter 20

Sermon on Mar 15

2 Kings 20:1-11

We could sum up the themes of our passage this way then. We could say it is first of all about responding to suffering. Responding to suffering. Then secondly, it’s about remembering sovereignty. Responding to suffering. Remembering sovereignty; the sovereignty of God amidst our trials. And thirdly, it’s about resting on the Savior. Responding to suffering. Remembering sovereignty. Resting on the Savior. Actually, I would argue those three...

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