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The thrust of Zechariah is essentially this: After the discipline of the Exile, Zechariah declares that God is renewing his commitment to restore Judah as his treasured people.

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Editors' note: The following post from Rev. Seth Starkey is part of a  blog series in conjunction with 2014 Mission Conference at FPC Jackson. 

2014 is off to the races for the Starkey family. This has been, without a doubt, the craziest 2 months of our lives. I arrived in Jackson on Monday, December 30 with all (well, nearly all) of my earthly possessions but without my pregnant...

Every year during the month-long break between the fall and spring semesters, I try to read a biography or two (Admittedly, my default response when presented with extra leisure time is to fill it with more reading). This year, I am finishing up a short little biography on the English Presbyterian Matthew Henry (1662-1714). Most well-known for his Commentary on the Whole Bible and Method for Prayer, this short little biography...