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The reality of time as God has created it will propel us forward into 2020, whether we want it to or not. Both, they and we, are bounded by God’s promise to do good to those who belong to Him. With that in mind, I want to look at three things from our passage as we prepare to read it. One is, “What does the passage teach us about...

Winter Grace

Sermon on Dec 29, 2019

Revelation 5

The title of our brief meditation is at bare minimum a paradox - weeping in heaven. How can that be? Weeping in heaven? Is it possible that we would find weeping there?

Advent 2019

Sermon on Dec 22, 2019

Philippians 2:8

And that means of course that we are, today, at verse 8 where we’ll think together now about “The Cost of Christmas.” “The Cost of Christmas.” It takes us, verse 8 takes us from the manger all the way to the cross. And that may seem to you to be an unusual move for the Sunday before Christmas to be talking about the thirty-three year old Jesus hanging...

Advent 2019

Sermon on Dec 22, 2019

Revelation 22:1-5

So we are in a little series on Christmas in the mind-bending book of Revelation. This is the vision of the apostle John at the end of his life on the Isle of Patmos in the 90s, the last decade of the first century. We’re in Revelation 21 tonight, the first six verses. And that chapter addresses one of the age old questions of Christmas; a very old...

Advent 2019

Sermon on Dec 15, 2019

Philippians 2:7

And now this week as we turn our attention to verse 7, we’re going to look at the very heart of Christmas. The words of verse 7 take us into the core of the Christmas story, into the heart of the Gospel, and the glories contained there. And we’re going to unpack them under three headings, really three apparent paradoxes that you’ll find in verse 7. If you’ll...

Advent 2019

Sermon on Dec 8, 2019

Philippians 2:6

Well this morning we continue in our Advent series looking at Paul’s use of Philippians 2:5-11. We began looking at this together last time. You remember it is sometimes called “The Carmen Christi,” “The hymn to Christ,” used in the churches during Paul’s day, and Paul is quoting it here in Philippians as an apt summary of the significance of who Jesus is and what He came to...

Advent 2019

Sermon on Dec 8, 2019

Revelation 1:9-20

And so I’d like us to think about the victory of Christmas this evening, and to do that, we really need to think about that victory from the lens of the Old Testament. Because to understand the book of Revelation, you really need to think about it from the lens of what the Old Testament has first said. The clues to understanding all the symbols and all the...

Sermon on Dec 1, 2019

Revelation 1:1-8

Well we’re going to look at Christmas from that same perspective over the next few weeks. To view Christmas, to view Christ’s birth not as it was promised in the Old Testament, not from the shadow of the cross as the Gospel writers present it to us, but from the spotlight, the spotlight of Christ’s return and what that means for the Christmas message. What that means is...

Advent 2019

Sermon on Dec 1, 2019

Philippians 2:5

And to guide our thinking, we’ll be working our way line by line through Philippians 2:5-11. It’s a famous passage, sometimes known as the “Carmen Christi,” the “hymn to Christ.” It was probably sung or used in some way in the apostolic churches, and Paul is quoting it here in the context of his letter to the Philippians as an apt summary of the message about Jesus’ person and...


Sermon on Nov 24, 2019

Leviticus 7:11-15

This morning we’re turning to Leviticus chapter 7. Leviticus is unfamiliar territory for many of us. We are thousands of years away from these regulations. We’re not accustomed to grain and animal sacrifices and the cultural differences between this culture and our culture may seem like more than thousands of years. But my hope is from this passage as we think about the thanksgiving sacrifices that it would give...

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