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Sermon on Apr 18, 1977

Acts 1:1-12

Several Sundays ago we were looking at various events in the life of the Lord Jesus Christ in preparation for our service of last Sunday. I think that you’ll understand that in the life of any person of importance there are those events that stand out above all others either for historical reasons or maybe for practical reasons. Certainly the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ would be...

Sermon on Apr 11, 1977

Luke 24:1-12

Several years ago I clipped out an editorial out of the Manchester Guardian, one of the great newspapers of our time, in which an interview was taking place between the reporter and a leader in the Anglican Church, Archdeacon McNutt. In the article the Archdeacon is quoted as saying, “What makes life purposeless and petty and vain and indeed intolerable to thinking men and women? It is...

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