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The Lord's Day Evening

March 3, 2013

“The Three-Fold DNA of a Missions Church”

Acts 1

The Reverend Dr. Harry L. Reeder III

If you've got your copies of God's Word, turn with me to the book of Acts and chapter 1, Acts chapter 1. Join me in prayer if you would.

Father, I'm grateful to You for the extraordinary privilege to open Your Word to these, Your...

The Lord's Day Morning

March 3, 2013

“Five Indisputable Facts Leading to One Indomitable Motivation for Missions”

Acts 17

The Reverend Dr. Harry L. Reeder III

Greetings from your sister church. We have the great privilege to do a lot of things together and not just simply through the denomination but in relationships. Your previous pastor was the chairman of my ordination council and a mentor and your...

The Lord's Day Morning

January 28, 2007

Mark 5:1-20

“Seeking to Save the Lost”

Dr. Harry Reeder

Take your Bibles and turn in your copies of God's word to Mark, chapter five. I'm now going to read all these verses, verses 1-20 of this very interesting and momentous account in the life of Jesus and the life of the disciples, and certainly in the life of this demoniac,...

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