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Young Adults

Ministry Teams

Consider joining one of the Young Adults Ministry’s Ministry Teams.

Outreach Ministry Team- The gospel calls us to care for those around us both spiritually and physically, both through ministry and service. This area of our ministry will focus on how we can love our city, our neighbors, and those around us in need.

Social Ministry Team- As God’s people we are made to celebrate and enjoy life-giving community. We strive to have gatherings and parties that foster friendships and create a place for new people to connect with the church. This group will help brainstorm and implement how we can best do this.

Shepherding Ministry Team- God’s people have always loved and taken care of one another; its what we are called to do as the church. This team will look to take care of those in our ministry who could use meals, care, and a helping hand.

Next Steps- Our hope is that you’ll prayerfully consider partnering in ministry with us by joining one of these teams. In the next few weeks, we’ll send an email with more information and what to do if you’d like to be a part of a Ministry Team.