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Because we believe in the centrality of the local church in Christ’s mission for the salvation of sinners and the evangelization of the world, a priority at First Presbyterian Church is the planting of Reformed churches throughout North America.  While there are many worthy para-church ministries and organizations, our mission focuses on the church.  It is through the planting, nurturing, revitalizing, and reproducing of vibrant churches that the gospel of Christ is proclaimed and fleshed-out to those who have not yet heard or believed.  It is the church, in all its imperfections, that is Christ’s Bride, and that should reflect God’s mission to the surrounding community and to the world.  We want to encourage, equip, and enable God’s people to share God’s love, in word and deed, primarily by helping to establish gospel-centered, mercy‑loving, and grace‑filled communities primarily through newly planted churches locally, regionally, and nationally.

In support of this mission, we also support campus ministries, especially the work of Reformed University Fellowship, as well as other evangelistic and discipleship ministries that will further the work and witness of local churches.  Campus ministry fills a different, but complementary, role to the local church.  Campus ministry has a different target audience, and will use different techniques and methods, but shares the same Gospel.  Campus Ministry often plants the seeds that are harvested more fully by the various churches that students join after they complete their secondary education.

Although Church Planting and Campus Ministry are the primary focus of our MNA Committee, we also support on a limited basis other significant evangelism and discipleship ministries.

You can read a statement of our philosophy of ministry and vision for church planting and also our MNA Strategic Plan.

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If you are interested in becoming a missionary partner or to find out more about our missionaries, please contact the Mission Department and our staff would be glad to assist you.