Church Life


For Adults

Midweek Prayer Meeting and Bible Study
Patterson Hall | 6 PM | [email protected]
At our Prayer Meeting this summer, we will continue to study and pray through the book of Romans, as well as to pray for revival and for the spiritual and physical well-being of our church family. Please email specific prayer requests to [email protected]

Engaged & Newlywed Class
SC 210 | 6 PM | [email protected]
This study is intended for engaged couples trying to navigate all that is ahead and newly married couples who have likely already experienced both the joy and the sorrow of marriage. Topics will be those that are often included in premarital counseling (conflict, communication, intimacy, money, in-laws, etc.) and will be taught by a handful of gifted people, including pastors, counselors, and other professionals. Please register by emailing [email protected]
6/16 Introduction & Re-connection Ed & Emily Hartman
6/23 Marriage as Mission Zeb Henson
6/30 Finances Gary Herring
7/14 Intimacy Barb Martin & Rachael Garner
7/21 Communication and Conflict Aaron Wilson
7/28 Family Life David & Lauren Felker

Foundations Class
WH 204 | 6 PM | [email protected]
The summer Foundations Class begins June 16 at 6:00 p.m. in Westminster Hall 204 and runs through July 28. This class is for members and visitors who want to know more about our church and its ministries, our denomination, Presbyterian doctrine and beliefs, church history, and church government. To sign up, please email [email protected].

Hope Exchange: Mercy Ministry Training for Each of Us
Company Room | 6 PM | [email protected]
Join Hope Exchange for six weeks of training in mercy ministry this summer. The training equips Christians to love, serve, and befriend neighbors who may be experiencing material poverty. We’ll discuss how we can share the Gospel in word and deed through consistent relationship and closing the gap that often exists between the “haves” and the “have-nots.” After exploring the spiritual roots of poverty, we’ll also consider its complex causes and its connection to mutual brokenness in the four key relationships — God, self, others, and the rest of creation. Together, we’ll discover God’s heart for those in material need, how we can humbly meet those needs without neglecting the image of God in the other, and how our own brokenness often gets in the way.

Revisiting the Problem of Anxiety
Miller Hall | 6 PM | [email protected]
In the summer of 2018 at First Pres Forum on Wednesday nights we thought through the widespread issue of anxiety and what the Bible has to say to it. After the difficulties of the past year (adding COVID to the normal plight of human life in a fallen world), it is an important time to revisit the issue using fresh material and insights. We will draw from resources in both theology and psychology in order to address our whole selves as embodied souls. Come join us this summer on Wednesday nights at 6 PM beginning June 16 in Miller hall to explore and attack the problem of anxiety with the helps that God has given us.

Teacher Training
WH 202 | 6 PM | [email protected]
Calling all Sunday School, D Group, Women’s ministry Bible teachers, small group leaders, teachers in various other ministries, or those interested in learning to teach! Join us for a summer Midweek elective teacher training with Dr. Charlie Wingard, professor of Pastoral Theology at RTS Jackson and Senior Minister at First Presbyterian Church in Yazoo City. This elective will explore a variety of topics related to teaching: (1) How to study the text and determine the content; (2) preparing and structuring the material; (3) methods of effective communication delivery; (4) where to look for resources; etc.