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Discipleship Groups

First Presbyterian Church - Various Rooms
6:30 PM

Our Discipleship Groups (D Groups) meet during the school year throughout the church building. Simply put, D Groups are our church’s small group ministry, providing multi-generational discussion on Scripture, helpful books, or other relevant studies applicable to the Christian life. We cultivate a safe, intentionally small environment to help foster connection, develop friendships, and growth in grace.

We know that many people walk into this big church and feel lost. These groups provide a way to get to grow deeper in your faith, to know, and to be known.

To register for a D Group, please email If you are new to D Groups, let us know. We’ll find a spot for you that will encourage and challenge you!


First Presbyterian Church - Various Rooms
6:30 PM

Each quarter, we will offer different teaching “electives.” In reality, many of these have been happening on Wednesday nights without this designation for a long time. These Electives include topics from “depression” to “pre-marital counseling” to “parenting” and many others. Our electives will provide high quality biblical teaching on very practical and helpful subjects for all of us.

The following are descriptions of each of the electives offered for the fall 2018 semester as well as contact information for each:


First Pres Forum // First Quarter

Believing Scripture in a Modern World
August 22 - October 3
led by Cory Brock
Patterson Hall

First Pres Forum, originally a well-loved teaching series for our Young Adults Ministry, now available to all adults year round, is merging with the existing Prayer Meeting. In this time we come together to be nurtured by Scripture and prayer in order to know the God who is and go forth in love and service. Come join us as we explore and discuss the depths of our ancient faith, consider and tackle the questions that Christian faith poses, and prepare to give an answer for the hope that is within us. Open to all, each quarter we will explore new topics in the realm of theology and the Scriptures, from, for example, the foundational doctrine of God to the immediately relevant topic of gender, always with teaching and discussion. For more information, contact Cory Brock at

Our first quarter topic “Believing Scripture in a Modern World” will discuss the authority and power of Scripture, its power to pierce, to convict, to call and to reveal salvation. But, words like authority, power, infallibility and inerrancy raise a host of questions about exactly what we mean when we use them. Additionally, questions about the truth of biblical narratives, about their relation to other ancient stories and about Scripture’s trustworthiness in general are everywhere present in the modern plethora of media. What shall we say to these things? Come to both learn and discuss the truth that is the Word of God, and what it means when we say, “the Bible is the Word of God.”

First Pres Forum // Second Quarter

Christianity and the Arts
October 17 - November 28
led by David Strain
Patterson Hall

Art is a way to know the world and ourselves. It is more than something to look at or listen to. It is a way to see and hear. The arts explore light and color, beauty and sorrow, mystery and monstrosity. In the arts we are helped to know ourselves, and in the arts we are reminded we are made to know God. But what are we to make of recent trends in visual art? What can engaging the arts well teach us, whether we are creative or not, about ourselves and our world?

In this quarter we will explore the warrant and value of the arts in a Christian worldview. We will learn to ask some basic questions about great works of art that can help us appreciate and engage with the ideas they embody. And we will learn to find in the arts an opportunity to talk about some of the ultimate questions of life.


Chinese Bible Study // First & Second Quarter

August 22 - November 28
led by Leo Yen

Email Leo Yen for more information.


Christianity Explored // First Quarter

The Gospel for You—The Gospel for Your Neighbor
August 22 - October 3
Led by Ed and Emily Hartman
Location TBD

Because we never outgrow the gospel, would you consider joining us to explore the depths of the gospel for the first time or all over again?

Email Christina Meenan or call (601) 973-9125 for more information and to register yourself and/or a friend.


Compass--Finances God’s Way // First & Second Quarter

August 22 - November 28
Led by Stuart Clarke
WH 202 A & B

Compass teaches people of all ages how to handle money based on the principles in the Bible. With over 35 years of service, Compass brings awareness to the 2,350 verses of scripture dealing with money and possessions. We want to see everyone in our church faithfully living by God's financial principles. We also want to see everyone in our church equipped to faithfully apply God's financial principles so they may know Christ more intimately, be free to serve Him, and help fund the Great Commission.

Participants in the Compass elective will:

  • Read Your Money Counts, which teaches what the Bible says about money and possessions.
  • Memorize one scripture per week.
  • Pray for fellow participants each day.

Compass participants are invited to join the D Groups in Miller Hall on August 22 to hear from Dr. John Cox.

To sign up for this elective, contact Stuart Clarke at (601) 953-4975.


Engaged & Newly Married Study // First Quarter

August 22 - October 3
WH 204

For engaged couples trying to navigate all that is coming up and newly married couples (through first five years of marriage) who have most likely experienced both the joy and the sorrow of marriage, this elective will be taught by a handful of gifted people, include mentor couples, and cover topics that are often included in premarital counseling (conflict, communication, intimacy, money, in-laws, etc). Please sign up by Wednesday, August 15, by emailing the Young Adults Department.


Evangelism Group // First & Second Quarter

August 22 - November 28
Methodist Rehab

“He (Jesus) said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.’” - Mark 16:15

Each week a nurse pre-selects rooms for a visit of scriptural encouragement, prayer, and an opportunity to share the gospel. During an eight-week period, veteran trainers, each with 20-plus years of experience, will walk with you step-by-step as you learn scripture and a simple means for sharing the gospel. The blessing and encouragement is ours!

On August 22, this group will meet at First Presbyterian Church in SC 211 and then will meet at Methodist Rehab each week following.

Please email or call any of the following people for more information:


GriefShare // First & Second Quarter

August 29 - November 28
Led by Billy Dempsey
Session Room

GriefShare is a ministry that offers help to those enduring grief due to the death of a loved one. Help in the form of solid Bible teaching from David and Nancy Guthrie, Paul David Tripp, Larry Crabb, Joni Eareckson Tada, and Ed Welch, among many others, in video format. There will be a minimal charge for materials.

GriefShare participants are invited to join the D Groups in Miller Hall on August 22 to hear from Dr. John Cox.

To register, email Caleb Blake. Contact Billy Dempsey for more information at (601) 973-9112.


Men’s Bible Study // Second Quarter

The Sure Blessings of David
October 10 - November 28
WH 204

Starting on October 10, Billy Dempsey and Wiley Lowry will lead a six-week study in 1 Chronicles, focusing on major themes from the life of King David. The writer of 1 & 2 Chronicles looked back on the reign of David as the “golden age” for the people of Israel, and he wrote to encourage the returning exiles to rekindle their own faithfulness in worship and in unity. Today, we read the Chronicles and study the life of David so that we would order our own lives under David’s son and David’s Lord, the Lord Jesus Christ.

This study is offered to men of all ages, and the topics to be covered will deal with some of the specific goals of the Chronicles and will address the following themes: Gospel Identity, Priorities, Leadership, Community, Jerusalem (then and now), and Legacy.


Women’s Bible Study // First Quarter

Becoming a Woman of Purpose
August 22 - October 3
Led by Lou Ann Flatgard
Location TBD

All of us wonder, at one time or another, who we are and why we’re here. While society emphasizes wealth, success, and the pursuit of pleasure, the truth is that we are created by God in His image, and our fulfillment is found in pursuing His purposes for us.

This study is offered to women of all ages. To register, email Lisa Oswalt or call 601-973-9115.