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Discipleship Groups

First Presbyterian Church - Various Rooms
6:30 PM

Our Discipleship Groups (D Groups) meet during the school year throughout the church building. Simply put, D Groups are our church’s small group ministry, providing multi-generational discussion on Scripture, helpful books, or other relevant studies applicable to the Christian life. We cultivate a safe, intentionally small environment to help foster connection, develop friendships, and growth in grace.

We know that many people walk into this big church and feel lost. These groups provide a way to get to grow deeper in your faith, to know, and to be known.

To register for a D Group, please email If you are new to D Groups, we’ll find a spot for you that will encourage and challenge you!



First Presbyterian Church - Various Rooms
6:30 PM

Each quarter, we will offer different teaching “electives.” In reality, many of these have been happening on Wednesday nights without this designation for a long time. These Electives include topics from “depression” to “pre-marital counseling” to “parenting” and many others. Our electives will provide high quality biblical teaching on very practical and helpful subjects for all of us.

The following are descriptions of each of the electives offered for the Fall 2019 semester as well as contact information for each:


First Pres Forum // 1st Quarter

On Mission Together
August 21 - October 2
Led by David Strain
Miller Hall

In this time we come together to be nurtured by Scripture and prayer in order to know the God Who is and go forth in love and service. Come join us as we explore and discuss the depths of our ancient faith, consider and tackle the questions that Christian faith poses, and prepare to give an answer for the hope that is within us. Open to all, each quarter we will explore new topics in the realm of theology and the Scriptures, from, for example, the foundational doctrine of God to the immediately relevant topic of gender, always with teaching and discussion.

How should we relate to the changing culture around us? Should we retreat into a Christian subculture, or work for a return to the glory days of the past? It’s never been more important to recover the biblical pattern of living a life in mission together. In this quarter we will explore the challenges facing us as we seek to live faithful lives for Jesus in our context. We will reflect on the biblical dynamics of a life of mission and think about practical ways to serve our community with the good news. Contact


First Pres Forum // 2nd Quarter 

Public Faith in the Light of Common Grace
October 9 - November 20
Led by Cory Brock
Miller Hall

With the percentage of self-identifying Christians reducing each year even in the Deep South, it is an important time to be public Christians with a public faith. One of the most important theological and biblical tools for thinking about our public mission is the doctrine of common grace. Common grace helps us to understand how we as Christians can be in the world, for the world, but not of the world. What is common grace and what are its massive implications for our theology and practice in relation to secular culture? We will explore the Bible's expression of God's common grace and consider what it means for 2019 and the years ahead.

Chinese Bible Study // 1st & 2nd Quarter

August 21 - November 20
led by Leo Yen
SC 210A

Email Leo Yen for more info.


Christianity Explore // 1st Quarter

August 21 - November 6
Led by Wayne Husband
WH 204A

For more than 15 years, Christianity Explored has proven to be an inviting and effective means of community evangelism, based on the Gospel of Mark. Focused on the person of Jesus, His identity and mission, this gospel-saturated material urges unbelievers to answer His call, take up their cross and follow Him.

Alistair Begg writes, “A highly effective way to help unbelieving friends consider the claims of Christ for themselves...showing respect and consideration for honest doubts and questions.”

Sinclair Fergusen writes, “I wish every church and every small group would use Christianity Explored at least once each year.”

Join us for this 10-week study, and bring a friend who hasn’t yet embraced the truth and power of the gospel as their own. You may actually lead them to Christ in the process! Contact


Dinner & Discussion // 1st & 2nd Quarters

August 21 - November 20
Led by Kevin Vollema
WH 204A
5:15 - 6:15

College students, join us for a relaxed time of fellowship as we share our Midweek meal together. During our time together, we will practice thoughtful, gospel-centered engagement with culture-shaping topics and events in the news. College students get their meal free when they join us for this discussion.


Engaged & Newly Married Study // 1st Quarter

August 21 - October 2
WH 202A

This study is intended for engaged couples trying to navigate all that is ahead and newly married couples who have likely already experienced both the joy and the sorrow of marriage. Topics will be those that are often included in premarital counseling (conflict, communication, intimacy, money, in-laws, etc.) and will be taught by a handful of gifted people, including pastors, counselors, and other professionals. Please register for this study by August 21 by emailing


Evangelism Group // 1st & 2nd Quarters

August 28 - November 20
WH 202B / Methodist Rehab

Go into your neighborhood and talk to people about Jesus. (Mark 16:15 Paraphrase)

On Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:30, August 28 - September 18, an Evangelism Training group taught by Al Chestnut, David Bowling, Glen Bush, and Wayne Husband will meet in WH 202B. Learn to share Christ for the first time, renew your zeal to share the gospel, and learn to depend on your God. After the four weeks of in-house training at FPC, interested participants can continue to learn with trainers as we visit and pray with patients at Methodist Rehabilitation Hospital, for eight weeks, during October and November. Contact Al (601-316-1577) or David (601-953-7970) for more information.


Midtown Bible Study // 1st & 2nd Quarters

Led by Wiley Lowry

This small-group Bible study meets weekly with the residents of Jackson Manor Apartment Building. Contact Wiley Lowry at for more details.


Women's Bible Study // 1st Quarter

Philippians: Fix Your Eyes on Jesus
A 6-Week Small-Group Bible Study for Women
August 21 - October 2
Led by Allie Elkin and Beverly Harmon
WH 204B

If you’re a woman who feels like you don’t have time to study the Bible in a deep, meaningful way, but you want to, this study is for you. Designed to be completed in just twenty minutes, each study is substantive and practical. To register, please contact the Women’s Ministry at