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Men’s Ministry at First Presbyterian Church

The Men’s Ministry at FPC Jackson is born out of the conviction that the Christian life is not meant to be lived alone. David had Jonathan. Timothy had Paul. Jesus had Peter, James, and John. Men who support and sustain one another is the standard for the Christian experience, not the exception. There are no lone rangers in Christ. In a culture in which loneliness and isolation is increasingly the norm, we long to see the men at First Pres regularly gathered together in friendship, encouragement, and training. Through the men’s ministry, we hope to prioritize the growth of Christian friendships that cut across the normal boundaries within a church our size like age and stage. The goal is not to fill men’s schedules with an unsustainable pace of weekly activities but to offer a realistic calendar of events that meets the growing desire in our church for fellowship among men inside and outside of the church walls. From Huddle Groups to (mildly competitive) golf tournaments to teaching events, we hope to see the men of First Pres work out what it means to work, play, love, and worship – all to the glory of God.


David Felker
Minister of Discipleship
(601) 353-8316
[email protected]

Josh Shideler
Discipleship Intern
(601) 353-8316
[email protected]

Jenny Sanders
Discipleship Ministry Project Coordinator
(601) 326-9243
[email protected]