Church Life



David Felker

David Felker was born in Tuscaloosa, AL. He graduated high school in Fayetteville, AR, and graduated college from Mississippi State University. Spending time in these college towns helped feed his unhealthy obsession with SEC sports, particularly football. David graduated from Reformed Theological Seminary in May of 2012, and was ordained and installed as the Minister of Young Adults at FPC in August of 2012. From 2008-2012, David was the College Coordinator here at FPC, directing Millsaps Christian Fellowship and ministering to the college students at the church. In the summer of 2010, David outkicked his coverage and married Lauren. Lauren is from Boulder, CO. She graduated college from TCU in Ft. Worth, TX, and worked as an intern with Reformed University Fellowship at Ole Miss for three years. Lauren is now on staff with the youth ministry at FPC. David and Lauren are loving married life and they live in the Belhaven neighborhood.

Kelly Jackson

Kelly Jackson is from a small southwestern Georgia town called Thomasville. He was raised in a family of 6 (one brother, two sisters) by an OBGYN and an elementary school teacher. His family attended Christ Community Presbyterian Church, PCA, and by late elementary school, youth group became one of his favorite places. After high school, Kelly attended the University of Georgia, where he met his beautiful wife, Caroline. They were both very involved with RUF, and upon graduating they made their way to Jackson through Starkville, where they both spent two years interning with RUF at Mississippi State. He enjoys music, pop culture, and people. Email Kelly Jackson or call (601) 624-7121.

Wil Nettleton

Wil Nettleton grew up in Tupelo, MS. He attended Ole Miss, where he majored in English and was actively involved in Reformed University Fellowship. After college, sensing a call to ministry, Wil interned with RUF at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. While working with RUF, he married Mary Jett, a UNC alum who was an RUF intern at the College of William and Mary at the time, and whose students took great delight in pointing out the connection between Wil's and Mary's names and the college's name--only to find out with great disappointment that Wil is short for 'Wilson' (hence the singular 'L'). The Nettletons moved to Jackson in the Summer of 2014 for Wil to pursue a M.Div at Reformed Theological Seminary. You can usually find them being pulled around the Belhaven neighborhood by Charlie, the family dog.

Wil has a borderline idolatrous relationship with Ole Miss football, a love for grilling out, and a desire to see college students love the Lord Jesus to His glory and their good.