Church Life



Sunday Morning Room Assignments*

  • N1: Up to 7 months
  • N2: 8-10 months
  • N3: 11-13 months
  • N4: 13-14 months
  • N5: 15-16 months
  • N6: 17-18 months
  • N7: 20-21 months
  • G102 & G105: Two’s

Sunday and Wednesday Evening Room Assignments*

  • N1: Children in rooms N1-N3 on Sunday mornings
  • N4: Children in rooms N4-N7 on Sunday mornings
  • N6 & N7: Two’s in G102 and G105 on Sunday mornings

*Please note:  Room assignments are subject to change. Above information is a general guideline.  All rooms are located on the first floor of the Main Building (MB).

What to Bring

  • Diapers and wipes
  • Bottle and/or Sippy Cup (labeled with name)
  • Change of clothes for babies (labeled with name)
  • Cheerios (optional)

First Presbyterian Church provides Goldfish or saltine crackers and apple juice for two year olds on Sunday morning during Sunday School, as needed. 

Nursery Guidelines

  • When you arrive, simply find your room and give your baby to the worker who will meet you at the door. We ask parents not to enter the room for the safety of the children. (Rooms have Dutch doors)
  • Please write any special instructions like allergies, teething, and potty training information on the sign-in sheet at the door.
  • Please label any diaper bags (outside of bag, please), bottles, pacifiers and other items with the child’s name before you arrive at the Nursery.
  • Bring enough disposable diapers for your child, and a change of clothing.
  • For safety reasons, please leave small playthings at home (coins, jewelry…). If it can fit through a toilet tissue roll, it is too small.
  • The older children will be given apple juice and crackers. Let us know if you child cannot have either of these.  You are welcome to bring what your child can have. For babies, we limit our feeding to bottles.
  • One parent needs to be at the church whenever your child is in our nursery in case of emergencies.