Church Life


Staffed by members of the congregation of First Presbyterian Church, the Sunday school hour is by design an instrument to assist parents in the Christian nurture of their children, the covenant children of the church. The Sunday school hour is from 9:40 -10:40 a.m.

Memory work (Scripture and Catechism) is encouraged in each class beginning in the three-year-old department. Children ages 3 through the third grade learn the Children’s Catechism (First Catechism: Teaching Children Bible Truths). They are each given one copy, and additional copies may be purchased in the church bookstore. Children who recite the entire catechism in one sitting receive a Bible and are recognized in a Worship Service. Grades 4-6 study and learn The Westminster Shorter Catechism. Children who recite the entire Westminster Shorter Catechism in one sitting receive a Bible of their choice and are recognized in the Evening Service; they also have their names installed on the Catechism Recitation Board at FPC.

There are Sunday school classes for each grade, beginning with pre-school through sixth grade. There is also a class for those with Special Needs.