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    Monday Morning Quarterback

    Last August, our family moved to Mississippi from the Raleigh-Durham area, one of the fastest growing metroplexes in the country. One thing we do not miss is the traffic. Few things were more annoying than sitting daily in the line of cars at a near standstill on I-440, watching some car come streaking down the passing lane, only to cut in ahead of the other cars just before...

    Monday Morning Quarterback

    Devotional on Apr 25, 2016

    Isaiah 6:3

    Once, as an experiment, the great scientist Isaac Newton stared at the image of the sun reflected in a mirror. The brightness burned into his retina, and he suffered temporary blindness. Even after he hid for three days behind closed shutters, still the bright spot would not fade from his vision. “I used all means to divert my imagination from the sun,” he writes, “But if I thought...

    Monday Morning Quarterback

    It’s popular today to think that there are many paths to God or that God is whatever you feel him to be. People say things like, “God for me is [fill in the blank].” If Christians claim their knowledge of God is true, this claim is seen as misguided at best and arrogant at worst. But the most important question any of us will ever ask is, “Can...

    Monday Morning Quarterback

    It’s one of my favorite memories, one I’m sure I share with a lot of dads. My wife and I were at the neighborhood pool when our oldest daughter was just learning to swim. Being only about 2 years old, she was scared to jump in. I kept telling her I would catch her, but she was terrified to jump. She didn’t believe me. Finally, she closed her...

    Monday Morning Quarterback

    If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I’m not talking about our appearance. I’m sure most of us wish we could run faster, bench more, have more hair, or whatever. I’m thinking more about our inward character. What is one character flaw you wish you could change? Losing it with your wife? Your kids? Being lazy at work? Not doing enough ministry?


    Monday Morning Quarterback

    Devotional on Mar 28, 2016

    Luke 24:5-6

    One author notes a motto popular in Athens when the apostle Paul was ministering there over 2000 years ago: “Once a man dies and the earth drinks up his blood, there is no resurrection.” The same attitude is very much with us today. Most people, whether scholars or everyday folks, believe that life ends at death. The notion of resurrection—of bodily life after death—seems like a fairy tale...

    Monday Morning Quarterback

    "But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world." (Galatians 6:14 ESV)

    “The idea that Jesus died on a cross for our sins is intellectually contemptible and morally outrageous.” This was the studied estimate of Christianity by the great Oxford University philosophy...

    Monday Morning Quarterback

    Devotional on Mar 14, 2016

    Isaiah 53:5

    One author tells the story of reading about a couple from the Midwest who were caught in a deadly tornado. The fatal twister came upon the couple and their small baby suddenly. Realizing they had no time to take cover, they laid their child on the floor and covered her with their bodies. After the storm passed, rescue workers began the gut-wrenching task of sorting through the wreckage...

    Monday Morning Quarterback

    Devotional on Mar 7, 2016

    Romans 5:18

    A number of years ago, my wife and I had a fellow minister and his wife over for dinner. While we were enjoying our meal, the doorbell rang. When we opened the door, two Mormon missionaries greeted us. My friend and I began to engage them in conversation, asking them about their beliefs. Quite obviously, these two eager young men had paid attention in their training, rattling off...

    Monday Morning Quarterback

    Devotional on Feb 29, 2016

    Mark 1:1

    Bob Woods tells the story of a couple who took their son, 11, and daughter, 7, to Carlsbad Caverns. When the tour reached the deepest point in the cavern, the guide turned off all the lights to show how utterly dark it was underground. The little girl, suddenly enveloped in utter darkness, was frightened and began to cry. Immediately her older brother spoke up. “Don’t cry. Somebody here...