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    All church sponsored ministry events have been canceled through April 30 until further notice. Join us via Livestream Sundays and Wednesdays at

    PCA Disaster Relief for Harvey and Irma: Mission to North America Disaster Response is in contact with local leadership at numerous PCA congregations in the impacted area. The Diaconate of FPC Jackson remains in contact with MNA to determine how we can best help now and on an ongoing basis. The most immediate need is for funds to provide supplies. Please consider giving directly to MNA to fund these efforts by...

    The following is a statement delivered to the congregation of the First Presbyterian Church on Sunday, July 5, addressing the Decision of the United States Supreme Court to legalize same sex marriage.

    Before we pray, I want to preface our study with a brief reflection on the decision by the Supreme Court of the United States legalizing same sex marriage in all 50 states. It is...

     Tomorrow we will partake of The Lord's Supper in our morning worship service, and I thought this excerpt from the chapter titled "The Two Feasts" would be helpful as we prepare our hearts to come to the table. 

    Over the next few months, thousands of students in the Jackson area will graduate from high school and start the rest of their lives. Are they prepared? Can they flourish? Can we say that Christian men and women are leaving our churches and ministries equipped for life after high school? I’m not specifically talking about graduates being prepared for difficult professors and stressful job interviews. But the question...

    The thrust of Haggai is essentially this: The restoration of the Lord’s house by the people of God will mediate God’s presence. After the Exile, the Lord is renewing his promises to his people and calls on them to finish rebuilding the temple so that he might be with them and fulfill his promises to bless the whole world through them (2:9), particularly through the Messiah from the...

    To the Congregation of First Presbyterian Church

    I am writing on behalf of the nine-person Pulpit Search Committee: Ned Currie, Beverly Harmon, Paul Hurst, Laura Husband, Ben Roberson, Jerry Shivers, Bill Stone, Danny Story and myself. The Committee is very excited about our unanimous recommendation to you to call David Strain as the next senior minister of First Presbyterian Church.

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    The thrust of Zechariah is essentially this: After the discipline of the Exile, Zechariah declares that God is renewing his commitment to restore Judah as his treasured people.

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    On Thursday, February 27th, David Robertson and Ted Ammon debated the question of whether or not someone can be morally good without God.  From the Christian perspective, it was a treat to see Robertson, a fellow believer, using the opportunity to major on man’s sin, which ultimately pointed those of us in the room to the need for a gracious God to provide a Savior.


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